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Bold and the Beautiful Star Sean Kanan Wants to Make You Laugh

Actor/standup comic, the B&B star has something funny to share.

bold and the beautiful star sean kanan wants to make you laughThe Bold and the Beautiful star Sean Kanan has a funny bone.

Deacon Sharpe occasionally inserts some humor into the dramatic situations he finds himself in on The Bold and the Beautiful. His portrayer, Sean Kanan, has a funny bone, too, and if you’re in Los Angeles this weekend, you can hear him do standup comedy live! Soap Hub chatted with the fan favorite about his comedy process.

Sean Kanan: Funny Man

Kanan describes doing standup as flying without a net — but he’s got so much experience doing it, he’s confident his wings will take him where he needs to go. “I get some butterflies before I hit the stage,” he tells Soap Hub, “but when I do hit the stage, I’m so excited to be there. The energy is all positive, and I’m excited about what I’m doing.”

While Kanan has scene partners on B&B, he’s up there alone on stage when he’s performing standup. However, he says there are similarities between the two genres. Standup comedy, he says, “is like acting in that you can’t worry about the results. You build the process, and it’s going to work.”

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Bold and the Beautiful: It Is What It Is

Kanan takes a philosophical approach to comedy. “There are times it works better than others,” he offers. “All I can do is my best. It’s somewhat out of my control if people laugh, but I find that if I’m having fun, the audience will, too.”

The actor/standup comic doesn’t worry about being compared to other comics because he — like his character Deacon — is truly unique. “I keep my content autobiographical,” Kanan shares. “That can make the funny bigger. I’ve had an interesting life being Karate Kid’s bad boy [Mike Barnes], working in daytime, having five kids in a blended family. I have enough stuff in my life that I can draw upon. I try to keep what I talk about specific to my life. That way, no one can do my material.”

Sean Kanan and Friends

Kanan’s next show is Saturday, May 13, at the Comedy Chateau in North Hollywood at 7 p.m. Might there be some B&B pals in the audience? “I think Krista Allen [Taylor] and Lilly Melgar [ex-Claudia] may be there,” he says. “I’m hoping that we definitely get a couple of people [from B&B] there.” To get tickets, check out Kanan’s Instagram post above and click here. (Use promo code: SEAN.)

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