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Annika Noelle Talks Hope’s Dilemma on The Bold and the Beautiful

Annika Noelle gives insights into Hope’s state of mind on The Bold and the Beautiful.

annika noelle talks about hope's relationships with brooke and thomas on bold and the beautiful.Find out what Annika Noelle has to say.

Hope’s is between a rock and a hard place these days on The Bold and the Beautiful. She’s loyal to her husband, Liam but has found herself somewhat attracted to Thomas, who’s back working alongside her at Hope for the Future. Soap Hub chatted with Annika Noelle about her character Hope’s state of mind.

Annika Noelle Speaks About Hope’s Future

It’s not just Hope’s feelings for Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) that are at play here. Viewers recently saw Hope explode at her mother, Brooke, who has, shall we say, made different choices in life when it comes to being attracted to two men at the same time. “It’s been interesting,” Noelle says. “What’s so fun about this [story] is diving into the dynamics of Brooke being Hope’s mom and what it was like to grow up in her shadow and all that judgment that was cast on her mother and later, cast upon Hope.”

B&B: Consummate Opportunist

As veteran B&B viewers recall, Hope was conceived when Brooke connected romantically with Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan), the estranged husband of Brooke’s daughter Bridget. Recently, Hope, grappling with her own feelings for Thomas, blasted her mother for decisions she’s made over the years.

“It was really the first time I got to play those layers with Katherine [Kelly Lang, Brooke],” Noelle points out. “I jumped at the chance to show that Hope is clearly repressing some old feelings and judgments [others have made] about her mom. She’s tried to control that narrative and not be her mother.”

Annika Noelle Has Hope for Hope’s Future

Hope can only yell at Brooke for so long before she has to address her own feelings for a man who is not her husband. “When those feelings come up, she’s not embracing them,” Noelle notes. “She’s fighting against them. This is something that’s not in her control. She’s mad at herself, and she takes it out on her mom.” Noelle’s scenes in which Hope blasted Hope earned the actress a recent Performer of the Week for B&B nod from Soap Hub.

Not Doubting Thomas Yet

One of Hope’s greatest strengths is her ability to forgive and see the good in people. It’d be easy for her to dismiss her feelings for Thomas more easily if she suspected he hadn’t changed. But it’s possible that he has. “You have to show [change] not just with words but through actions,” Noelle says.

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