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Such A Cliché! Soap Fans Reveal The Ones They Can’t Live Without

Soap Opera ClichesSoap Opera Cliches

Things become clichés because they’re used over and over again. And things are used over and over again because people like them. Soaps are no different. There are some wells they go to again and again — because they work.

Over 15,000 fans spill which ones are their favorites (so get ready to see a lot more of them)!

We Shall Rise Again!
A body? What’s a body? Why should the sight of a body convince anyone that the dead aren’t merely dead, but really most sincerely dead?

Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) leads the past and present count of most resurrected souls (and the most number of times), and 45% of you are more than OK with that. You’ll take your faves back any way you can get them!

Wedded Bliss
A wedding? What’s a wedding?

Or, rather, what’s a wedding that goes off without a hitch, wonder 31% of the audience. Exchanging vows is boring.

Someone bursting in to stop the exchange of vows, now that’s entertainment! Brooke on The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) even brought a horse along once!

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What Was That Again?
What came in third, with 14% of the vote? We can’t seem to remember… Oh, yes! Right! Amnesia! Need to erase a character’s past sins? Or past loves? Need to explain why the presumed dead stayed away from their family even as they wept and picked up Daytime Emmys for their efforts?

A bonk on the head, a wipe of the memory, and all is forgiven! Heck, General Hospital (GH) currently has two Jasons with the same condition!

For the Evulz
Right up there with the twin the mother forgot delivering (did Mom think her one baby was kicking with four legs?), is said missing twin turning up — EVIL! As scientists argue about nature versus nurture, soaps come down strong on the side of… there can be only one.

One good, one bad, or else it just gets too confusing, and 8% of you like your storytelling in crisp black and white. Though Cassie and Mariah on The Young and the Restless (YR) do seem to be becoming more and more similar.



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