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Spoiler Alert! Fans Confess How They REALLY Feel About Soap Spoilers!

Soap Opera SpoilersSoap Opera Spoilers

It’s no spoiler to say that soap spoilers are everywhere these days. The magazines have them, the websites have them (this website has them…), even the shows offer teasers for the next day’s episode.

But do fans give these previews a thumbs up or a thumbs down? Over 10,000 viewers let us know — spoilers ahead!

Keep ‘Em Coming!
Waiting is for suckers, chortle 55% of you. Just because the characters don’t know what’s coming next, doesn’t mean you should remain in the dark. You like knowing more than they do — like when you’re the only one who can see that devious look (you know the one we mean) over the poor sap’s shoulder.

Plus, if a day is slow, you like to know there’s a big payoff coming. It keeps you watching when, otherwise, you just might tune out.

Keep ‘Em Short
Spoilers for a week or so ahead is fine, caution a less curious 37%, but no more than that.

It’s the journey, not the destination, and while you like to know where a story is going in broad strokes, you don’t need a step-by-step guide to what you’ll find when you get there. A day ahead is best.

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You get a sense of who will be on and what might happen, but the rest still keeps you on the edge of your seats.

Keep ‘Em Far Away From Us
Why watch when you already know what will take place, point out a reasonable 6% of the audience. The whole point of soaps is the wondering and the speculating — and the arguing with your friends about it.

Cliffhangers are fun! Tension is good! You don’t read the last page of a book first, do you? Why would you want a spoiler for your stories?

Enjoy them if you must, but respect those of us who like to get our pleasure day by day.

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