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James Comey Takes Over TV: Nope, Nope, Nope! GIVE US OUR SOAPS!

James Comey and Soap OperasJames Comey and Soap Operas

Soaps are meant as a form of escape, especially when the real world gets too complicated or intense. We just want to get lost in the world of Salem or Genoa City and do not need anything interrupting that special time a few hours each day.

On Thursday, the networks plan to interrupt regularly scheduled programming to air former FBI director James Comey testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Soap Hub reported on all the scenarios for possible pre-emptions last night and asked if you plan to watch the hearing or switch off the TV.

Just No Way
Out of about 3,000 votes, 67% of you said you have no intention of tuning into what many who don’t watch soaps say they’re popping popcorn for.

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While some just don’t think he’ll say anything interesting, others would rather just catch a recap on the evening news and stick with your favorite soap. After all, Chloe returning to life on The Young and the Restless is much more interesting than some boring congressional hearing–at least to the majority of you.

Another 23% do have that popcorn on standby and can’t wait to see if Comey drops any bombshells. You find the twists and turns of this particular era in American history to hold much more appeal than a bunch of characters washed up on a deserted island–again–like on Days of Our Lives.

On The Fence
The final 11% are just not sure what to do. If you’re around, you might turn it on for a little while to see what’s happening, but if it seems to drone on, you’ll move onto other things. (Plus, some of you in West Coast time zones might see General Hospital.) Others say if they can’t have their soaps, they’re not going to pay attention to the TV at all.

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