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Classic Repeats?! Should Soaps Air Original Episodes On Holidays?

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Thanksgiving… Christmas… New Year’s… soaps have gotten into the habit of airing “classic” (i.e. rerun) episodes… on days when people are actually home from work and free to watch them. Is it a valid strategy? Here’s what over 6,000 of you had to say about it.

Bad Timing
Sure, in this day and age of recording, downloading, and on-demand, fans have multiple ways in which to watch their soaps. In fact, the term daytime drama doesn’t even really apply anymore. Daytime is just the first airing. Otherwise, it’s anytime drama.

But, here’s the other thing, point out 75% of you — your days and your evenings are busier than ever, not to mention all those other channels battling for your attention. You might not have time to catch daytime in the evening, even if you want to.

You know when you do have time to watch TV/computer/phone/device-to-be-named-later? On the holidays! When you don’t have to work! Night or day!

Sure, classic episodes are fun, especially in light of what’s happening onscreen now. But you’d rather have something new.

What do you think? Post a comment!

And it’s not like a new episode on the holiday means the actors, writers, producers, and directors have to work rather than celebrate. We know you all tape in advance….

Not Something Else To Worry About!
The holidays are busy, stressful, and full of family and friends. That’s why 25% of the audience is actually grateful that “Watch my stories” can be crossed off the list and you can either take or leave the day’s rerun episode. It allows you to focus on what you need to get done. And it just makes you more excited to watch the next day.

You can always talk about soaps at the table. It sure beats arguing over real-life topics. Stick to, well, daytime drama….

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