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Top 4 Most Incestuous Love Stories!

soap operasSoap operas keep it in the family

Dating multiple members of the same family is almost considered a staple on soap operas. There’s always at least one person who’s done it!

Years ago on Guiding Light, Reva Shayne managed to marry both Lewis boys and their father. Today’s shows are just as incestuous and while we may not like it in real life, it has us glued to our televisions when it happens on soaps!

Days of Our Lives
Oh Nicole (Arianne Zucker), you’ve come a long way since your bad-girl phase. Not one to go all cliché and only date a father and son — she was once married to Victor Kiriakis – and then fell in love with his grandson, Brady!

It looks like she may be going down that road again with Brady but no one needs to worry about Victor leaving Maggie – he hates Nicole now. Then again, he probably hated her much of their marriage too.

General Hospital
Everyone knows that Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig) suffered from bipolar disorder, but he also suffered from poor judgment. How else can you explain his falling for good girl Kiki and her bad seed of a mother, Ava.

In fact, Ava was so determined to keep her daughter away from Morgan (though she had no lingering feelings for the boy), she went so far as to switch out his much-needed meds, eventually leading to the downward spiral that got him killed.

The Bold and the Beautiful
You may wonder why Steffy isn’t our first pick — considering how much she has waffled between brothers Wyatt and Liam. But, until she manages to consummate her flirtation with Bill, she doesn’t hold a candle to Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang).

Brooke was married and had kids with both Eric and (not biological) son Ridge, was married (though annulled) to Thorne, Eric’s other son, plus she was married to Ridge’s biological brother, Nick Marone. Top that, Steffy – you amateur.

The Young and the Restless
Bad girl Jill Foster (Jess Walton) married wealthy John Abbott and truly seemed to love him. Of course, that didn’t stop her from straying with his son, Jack.

The two ended up breaking John’s heart when he found out, but John was never one to hold a grudge. He eventually found it in his heart to forgive them both.

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