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Soap Opera Spotlight: All-Time-Greatest Daytime Theme Songs

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Opening theme songs are an important part of a daytime serial. They’re a familiar tune which lets viewers know that they’re about to be transported to another world, a different place where they can involve themselves in the lives and loves of fictional friends and foes!

Some soaps go for a jazzy, catchy theme to get viewers excited about their show starting. Others select a more sedate tune that warmly invites viewers into their world.

Generally, shows change up their tunes either every few years or several years apart. They can add lyrics such as One Life to Live and Loving did during the course of their runs.

One show, in particular, Days of Our Lives, has essentially kept the same theme over the years that’s been played as Macdonald Carey (who played Tom) announced, “Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.”

Some shows change their themes but then get back to the basics and return to more traditional tunes. For its 30th anniversary, The Bold and the Beautiful brought back its original opening theme. Years ago, The Young and the Restless presented a jazzy rendition of its opening tune, but then reverted back to one it had used in the past.

Even shows like General Hospital that have shortened their openings still have a unique visual to show viewers that their favorite soap is about to begin!

Video Credit: unbreakablecreations

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