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Soap Operas’ Best-Kept SHOCKING Secrets

soap operaSoap opera's greatest secrets

While some soap opera deaths have turned out to be fake, there are others that were all-too real, leaving fans devastated.

Whether it’s knowing that the actor quit and will never return, or a shocking firing that has caused them to leave, the end result is the same – fans are in mourning.

No one wants to see their faves meet a horrible end. Soap Hub remembers several from which we are still trying to recover. Let us know who you miss in the comments section.

The Young and the Restless
When he was a teen, Phillip Chancellor III (Thom Bierdz) didn’t seem smart enough to get himself out of a test at school, never mind fake his own death. But somehow he managed it so he could get himself out of a life that he never wanted.

So when Nina, their son Chance, his mother Jill, and even Katherine learned that he didn’t die in that car accident, this was the biggest news to his Genoa City in decades! And he thought being gay was going to be the shocking part?!

General Hospital
In 2013, Jason (Billy Miller) “died” and Sam was forced to go on without her great love. So when Jake showed up in town, his past was a mystery. Liz learns the truth but keeps it from the man she’s fallen back in love with.

Carly learns the truth and lets Jake know in front of Sam that he’s Jason on the day he was to marry Liz. Sam figures out that Elizabeth knew and didn’t tell him, shattering their relationship. That’s okay – Sam was there to pick up the pieces!

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Days of Our Lives
Steve (Stephen Nichols) felt powerless to help his friend Hope, the widow if his very best friend Bo Brady, and he couldn’t live with letting them both down. He came up with a secret plan to fool the world into think Stefano was alive – in order to gain Hope her freedom and peace of mind.

For now, only Shane, who was the one masquerading as Stefano, knows. But you know nothing ever remains a secret for long in Salem.

The Bold and the Beautiful
Rick Forrester fell for the beautiful Maya (Karla Mosley). They were a gorgeous couple, but she was harboring an explosive secret.

While she was able to admit to the man she loved that she’s transgender, her sister Nicole was devastated that confiding in Wyatt turned out to be the biggest mistake of her life when he told his father. Bill risked his marriage to Rick’s aunt Katie by using his publishing empire to splatter the story everywhere.

Let us know in the comments if there was a secret you were shocked to find out about on your favorite soap opera.

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