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Santa Barbara Wayback: Remember Eden Capwell

Eden Capwell Santa BarbaraEden Capwell Santa Barbara

In just a few, short, introductory scenes — and for most of her tenure — Santa Barbara’s Eden Capwell proved it was a fallacy that all blond-haired heiresses were merely damsels in distress. Eden was a woman capable of handling her own problems and she soon emerged as one of the most popular female characters in all of soap opera history.’

Angel From Heaven
Despite not appearing until the 45th episode, Eden’s (Marcy Walker) arrival was the immediate shot in the arm that the ailing serial needed to right its many wrongs. Eden was first seen canoodling with an airplane pilot before parachuting out of the craft.

She missed her target — the Capwell mansion — and instead found herself tangled in a hedge situated on the Lockridge estate. She didn’t take to kindly to the family’s heir apparent and his flirtatious ways, “Actually Warren, I don’t think about you at all,” and after beating a hasty retreat she made it just in time to wish her father, C.C., a very happy birthday.

Early Developments
Eden briefly enjoyed a flirtation with the much older Lionel Lockridge (Nicolas Coster) — her mother’s former lover — whom she adventured with in a bid to locate sunken treasures. However, her heart still belonged to Cruz Castillo (A Martinez) a fellow returnee to Santa Barbara who had romanced her in Europe years before.

They fought their smoldering attraction to one another — fearing that the class divide and difference in race would prove insurmountable barriers — but, it didn’t take long before they were co-habituating in Cruz’s boathouse.

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Third Parties Intervene
Eden accepted Cruz’s marriage proposal but their first stab at matrimony ended when The Orient Express caught fire. Then Eden halted any further wedding plans when Cruz arrested her mother Sophia (Judith McConnell) for the accidental killing of Channing Capwell.

Eden had to wrestle with her conscience when C.C. was rendered comatose from a ruptured brain aneurysm. He had earlier elicited a promise from his daughter that she wouldn’t allow him to be kept alive by artificial means. But now that the time was upon her, Eden struggled with the idea of turning her father’s machine off.

Eden’s manipulative stepmother, Gina (Robin Mattson), took advantage of the situation and unplugged C.C.’s respirator and gaslit Eden into believing that she had done it. Fearing that she was descending into madness, Eden turned to business associate Kirk Cranston for support and wound up marrying him.

Third Parties Continue To Intervene
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