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Guiding Light Wayback: Remember Reva Shayne

Guiding Light Reva ShayneGuiding Light Reva Shayne

Throughout soap opera history there have been many dynamic characters who leave a lasting impression on viewers long after their shows have gone off the air. One such character from Guiding Light is Reva Shayne, played by four-time Emmy-winning actress Kim Zimmer. Everything Reva did, she did for love!

Early Days

Reva accepted money from Alan Spaulding to break Billy Lewis’s engagement to Vanessa Chamberlain so Alan could have Vanessa for himself. Reva realized she couldn’t stand in the way of her ex-husband’s happiness and helped Billy and Vanessa get together. This left her free to reunite with true love Josh (Billy’s brother). However, after Joshua learned that Reva conspired with Alan, he dumped her!

Here She Is, Folks!
Josh was paralyzed in a car wreck after finding out Reva and his dad, H.B., had eloped. Josh played mind games with a guilty Reva, prompting her to break down and baptize herself the “Slut of Springfield.” Reva and Josh couldn’t fight their passion and made love. She learned she was pregnant, but Josh left town after Reva told him H.B. was the baby’s dad.

Sampson And Reva
Next, Reva fell for Kyle Sampson who saved her life after a drugged-out Vanessa struck her with her car. Reva’s relationship with Kyle caused her to spar with friend Phillip’s wife India, pals with Maeve who loved Kyle.

“Pompous blue blood” India squared off with “Tulsa trash” Reva in the Blue Orchid powder room. Kyle wed a pregnant Maeve, prompting Reva to attempt suicide. She survived and took a job at Cedars cleaning floors. Kyle split after Josh returned.

A New Regime
Josh reunited with Reva, but left her for Sonni, his presumed dead wife, after finding out Kyle had fathered Reva’s daughter Marah. Alan offered Reva a new life. They were set to wed until Alan lost his fortune. Josh divorced Sonni despite the fact that her machinations were caused by mental illness. Reva and Josh learned Marah was really his. They wed at Cross Creek, surrounded by loved ones.

“I’m Coming, Bud!”
Reva was reunited with her son Dylan (fathered by Billy), whom she gave up for adoption. Next, Reva gave birth to Josh’s son, Shayne, but was presumed dead after postpartum depression caused her to drive off a bridge.

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Ghost And Amish Reva
Reva was alive! But she’d fallen into a coma and was being cared for by Amish people. During this time, Reva materialized as a spirit to Josh and his new girlfriend Annie. Alan found Reva and brought her back to Springfield. They were set to leave town until Josh found her, but he chose to stay with Annie. Reva married Buzz Cooper.

Annie’s Antics
Annie tried to frame Reva for causing her miscarriage, but her plan failed. Josh cloned (!) Reva after she was presumed dead again. Reva had a showdown with her own clone, Dolly, who died. On Reva’s wedding day to Josh, her late mother, Sarah, appeared to her as a spirit.

On their honeymoon to San Cristobel, Reva learned that when she had amnesia, she lived as Catherine and gave birth to a son, Jonathan, fathered by Prince Richard. Next, Reva had a fling with Lizzie Spaulding’s cancer doctor, Noah Chase, and experienced time travel!

Family Reunion
Reva was stunned to learn that bad boy J.B. was, in reality, her son, Jonathan, who had been abused by the man who raised him. Eventually, Reva and Jonathan reconciled. Jonathan and Lizzie named their daughter Sarah, after Reva’s mom.


Reva fell for lawyer Jeffrey O’Neill and gave birth to his son, Colin. Reva kept secret she was dying after Josh fell for her sister, Cassie. Reva lived and reunited with Josh. Guiding Light came to an end with Reva, Josh, and little Colin driving off into the sunset.

Video Credit: Josh Hawkins

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