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Another World Wayback: Remember Cass Winthrop

Another World Wayback: Remember Cass WinthropAnother World Cass Winthrop

There are literally hundreds of legal lotharios throughout soap opera history who are capable of securing victories inside the courtroom and scoring big in the bedroom. However, very few of them are as beloved a character as Another World’s Cass Winthrop, Bay City’s very own silver-tongued Casanova.

In 1982, lawyer Cass Winthrop arrived in Bay City and tried to arrange a contract between Cory Publishing and his lover Felicia Gallant, the authoress of a number of well-received romance novels. When a deal could not be reached, the couple merely founded their own publishing company.

However, Cass fell under the spell of the charming but money-hungry Cecile DePoulignac. When Felicia found out about her partner’s dalliance, she smashed a grapefruit into his face and then kicked him out of her penthouse apartment.

Strike Two
Cass continued to be enamored with Cecile and when she was kidnapped by the vile Carl Hutchins, Cass recruited Felicia’s assistant, Kathleen McKinnon, to help him pinpoint her location. They tracked the kidnapped beauty to Majorca where the trio wound up poisoned. Upon recovery, Cecile promptly dumped Cass and moved on to literal royalty – the King of Tanquir to be exact.

Playing Dress-up
Cass became heavily indebted to Tony “The Tuna” – a dangerous loanshark and to avoid the goon’s wrath, he donned the threads of Krystal Lake. However, to Cass’s great chagrin, Tony actually became smitten with Krystal and tried to pursue “her.” When the ruse was uncovered, Cass saved his knee caps by playing Pygmalion to Tony’s niece Dee Evans.

This Feeling Called Love
Slowly but surely, Cass began to fall in love with the high spirited and smart-mouthed Kathleen and, after a tumultuous courtship, the pair finally decided to pledge their respective troths. But wedding attempt number one was halted when the bride-to-be suffered a paralyzing injury thanks to Carl Hutchins.

Spirited Away
After six months of recuperation, Kathleen was finally able to walk down the aisle but this time it was the groom who disrupted the festivities with a disappearing act. Despite fearing that Cass had walked out on her, Kathleen later learned that Cecile had spirited him away to her majestic kingdom and attempted to force him to copulate with her in order to produce a royal heir.

Double Trouble
Cass managed to resist temptation, and he returned to his intended. Wedding ceremony number three was the lucky one and went off without a hitch. But there were dark days ahead. Cass returned from their honeymoon with the pronouncement that Kathleen was dead – the victim of an air disaster.

Mentally fragile Nicole Love found herself being pursued by Cass, and she accepted his marriage proposal. Oops! Turns out Nicole was engaged to Rex Allingham, a rake with murder on his mind. The real Cass managed to break free of his prison and confront his plastic surgery altered look-alike whom he promptly killed by dropping a chandelier upon him.

The real Cass found himself drawn to Nicole much like Rex but on the eve of their wedding, Frankie Frame revealed that Nicole was the person responsible for the murder of her uncle Jason. Frankie and Cass clashed for months, but if the truth were known, the feisty flame-haired eccentric fascinated the legal eagle.

The duo became close during an investigation into Felicia’s lover, Lucas, and soon enough they planned to marry. The first wedding was spoiled when the bride-to-be was kidnapped and even though they made it down the aisle on attempt number two, the union was invalid since Mrs. Winthrop number one – Kathleen McKinnon – was found to be alive and well!

But Cass and Frankie’s love was strong enough to weather any storm – including Cass’s manic depression diagnosis – and they would remain Mr. and Mrs. for many years – and even welcome a daughter Charlotte “Charlie” Frame Winthrop. But love – nor her psychic visions –  was enough to save Frankie from the hands of a serial killer who throttled her to death in the Cory icehouse.

Cass remained alone for quite some time, content with raising Charlie and managing his mental health. But as the years passed, Cass found himself falling for Lila Roberts, a woman who seemed to embody all the qualities of the women from his past. She was a hard-nosed scrapper like Kathleen, with a penchant for scheming like good ole Cecile, and she was a bit eccentric just like Frankie.

The couple had to face a number of obstacles – madman Jordan Stark, the disapproval of Matt Cory, the man who had fathered Lila’s baby, and even a love-struck gorilla named Carolyn! But in the end, they wed and made plans to enjoy the rest of their lives together.

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