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Top 4 Best Soap Opera Bosses You Would Love to Work For!

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We know there are some horrible bosses on each soap opera, but there are also ones that a pretty darn great. If only we could exist in our favorite soap towns and work for them. Here are some of the best in soapland.

The Young and the Restless
She’s so awesome that she’s making a young male co-worker fall in love with her. That’s right, Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) is probably the best boss in Genoa City.

She lets Ravi know how much she appreciates his hard work, she secured a better office for him (what the heck was his last one if this one is better?!), and she made sure he got a raise so that he wouldn’t even think of jumping ship! Way to go, Ashley!

General Hospital
Nina (Michelle Stafford) seems to be the most chill boss on the planet, or at least in Port Charles. Sure, she did just fire Maxie but that was absolutely deserved.

But prior to that, Maxie seemed to come and go whenever she wanted, basked in the freebies that her position gave her access to, and hanging with the boss seemed to always bring a fun time.

Nina even gives out romantic advice to Dillon, and takes her staff on ill-fated trips to Morroco.

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Days of Our Lives
Chad (Billy Flynn) seems to just like being rich and all it affords him – including making a childhood pal his own personal style consultant. Because of course Salem is the fashion mecca of the world, and Chad seems to only be having meetings with elitist fashionistas.

Then again, if he wants to stay a step ahead of his fashion-forward big brother, Andre, perhaps it wasn’t such a bad idea after all. Both Andre and Kate seem to love working with Chad and if he can please that terminally cranky pair, he must be doing something right.

The Bold and the Beautiful
Eric (John McCook) is the kind of boss people respect because he has the years of experience and oodles of success behind him.

More so than say, his granddaughter Steffy who has, well, zero in either department but totally believes she deserved to have that CEO position handed to her on a silver platter. Eric may have ruled from strength, but people knew where they stood and what he wanted from them.

His clear vision was an inspiration and everyone learned from him. Perhaps they should try to continue that if they want to keep Forrester Creations on top.

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