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Soap Night: Are You Looking Forward To the Daytime Emmys?

Daytime Emmys March 8Daytime Emmys

The 46th Annual Daytime Emmys are scheduled for May 5, 2019. It will not be airing on TV but is expected to be live-streamed.

Stay tuned for more information but, in the meantime, we asked: Are you excited for the Daytime Emmys?

Golden Girls
It’s always fun to see the best of the best on daytime outside their natural element, 72% of you cheer. You’re used to seeing them every day on your screens, sobbing and suffering, so it’s a treat to watch them smiling and strutting.

Plus, it’s nice to see what their peers think of your favorites performances — do they match up with yours? Well, tastes do differ. Some like the dramatic scenes, some like light comedy.

Everyone has their own idea of what good writing is, and no one will ever agree absolutely on what the best show of the year was. But debating can be even more invigorating than agreeing. That’s what they build the internet for, no?

Vast Wasteland
With only four soaps left on the air, 27% of fans don’t see the Daytime Emmys as much of a contest – and you never cared about the talk and game shows they share the stage with every year.

What do you think? Post a comment!

Back in the day, it made sense to complain when a single show swept the awards, or when the same actors — like Justin Deas or Erika Slezak — won year after year. But now, there are so few contenders, every category feels predictable and rerun-ish.

There’s also the fact that the show won’t be airing on one of the major networks, and you’re not sure if you’ll even be able to find where it’s streaming. That takes the fun out of it.

Just mail the winners their trophies. Or forget the whole thing until we have more soaps to choose from again.

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Video Credit: kerster22

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