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What Soap Fans Are Watching When They’re Not Watching Soaps

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Obviously, your afternoons are dedicated to soaps. And your evenings, too. That’s when you watch the soaps you recorded that are on against other soaps you watch.

But once that’s out of the way, what shows are soap fans tuning into during primetime?Over 6,000 TV junkies gave us a sneak peek into their viewing habits.

One Of Us!
OK, we’ll admit it, we’re cheating here. Although 34% of viewers told us that, when not watching soaps, you’re watching This Is Us, come on, it’s really a soap.

Sure it’s on once a week, instead of five. But so were Dallas and Dynasty, and those were definitely soaps (so is Empire). Sure, it’s got the multiple timelines, but so did Dark Shadows back in the day. And actor Justin Hartley certainly served his soap time (Passions, Y&R). So this one only counts a little.

I’d Rather Be Dancing
Dancing With the Stars, which 28% of you picked, is technically a competition show (some would even consider it a sport).

What do you think? Post a comment!

But, be honest, are you watching for the cha-cha steps, or for the behind the scenes relationships and personality shenanigans?

Can You Hear Me Now?
The Voice is making itself heard with 22% of fans, especially the bickering amongst the judges, and the Queen For a Day vibe of nobodies turning into superstars. It’s a soap opera Cinderella story!

Wide World of Everything
‘Other’ proved a popular category, with 8% reporting that you watch everything from NCIS, Blue Bloods, Chicago Fire, and Outlander to Survivor to the news… all equally fantastic in their own ways.

Blast From the Past
Will and Grace came in last, with a slightly smaller 8% of the vote. But it wasn’t clear if you mean the 2017 revival, or reruns from the original 90s show. If it’s the latter — spoiler alert — you’re in for some rewritten history. How very soapy! Save money on your car insurance now. Compare rates as low as $19 per month! CLICK HERE!

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