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Mia St. John Shares Opens Up About Kristoff To Dr. Oz

Mia St. John February 25Mia St. John

Mia St. John, the former wife of the late Kristoff St. John, who played Neil on The Young and the Restless, and mother of their late son, Julian, recently appeared on the Dr. Oz show to help shed a light on mental illness and to give an update on how she’s doing.

A former world champion boxer, Mia told Dr. Oz that she continues to struggle since the passing of her late former husband, who died on Sunday, February 3. She told Dr. Oz that neither she nor Kristoff ever got over Julian’s death.

She added that she needs to be strong for her and Kristoff’s daughter, Paris. Mia shared that Julian suffered from schizophrenia and Kristoff was bipolar, adding that Julian’s death was the pair’s “biggest nightmare. And he [Kristoff] never, ever could recover from the guilt. He felt guilty.”

Mia added that she often told him that their son’s death wasn’t his fault.

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Mia spoke about her own sobriety, revealing that she’d recently lost the sobriety she’d been maintaining for 30 years.

However, Mia added that she is not going to give up. “I pick myself up and I’m going to continue my path for better mental health in this country. I’m going to continue to fight for it. It’s my biggest fight now.”

You can see the entire interview here:

The Young and the Restless - Spotlight on Kristoff St. John

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