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An Exclusive Offer For Our Devoted Fans!

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Welcome to an exclusive membership for our devoted fans, Soap Hub Insider. For less than the price you spend on a magazine each week, you can get a month of constant new content, exclusive interviews, amazing giveaways, an original online soap, and more.

We absolutely appreciate our Soap Hub readers and Insider is our way of elevating your site experience to a new level of enjoyment. What does it mean to be an Insider? Good question! For just $4.99 a month, or about 17 cents per day, Insider members can enjoy all the perks listed below. We offer a monthly or a yearly membership and you can cancel anytime!


Ads-Free Experience

One of the biggest perks of being an Insider is the ads-free experience. Gone are the days of waiting for the ads to load or hunting down the “X” to exit when ads appear where they shouldn’t. Instead, you will be able to navigate the site and find what you’re looking for, quicker and easier than ever before!

Monthly Fireside Chats With Popular Soap Stars

We watch our beloved soap stars light up the screen each day when our favorite soaps air, but we rarely get to interact with them and ask them burning questions about storylines and their off-screen projects. Now, that will change! Insider members get an exclusive glimpse into the soap star’s life, up close and personal with our monthly live fireside chats.

Fans like you can participate, ask questions, and learn more about the actor. Aside from being able to ask them questions via live messages during the event, two lucky Insiders will be chosen to ask a video question. Live event attendees and the soap star will watch the video question. Then, he/she will answer you. We’ll kick off our Insider Fireside chat in May!

Monthly Birthday Shoutout

We appreciate and value your membership so when it comes to your birthday, we want to give you an extra Insider bonus! Each month, a soap star from your favorite soap(s) will send out a birthday blast to Insider members.

But more than that, two lucky Insider members will receive soap swag from their favorite Daytime Drama. The best part is that you don’t have to enter for a chance to win. When you sign up to become a member, you’re automatically entered for a chance to win the soap swag during your birthday month!

Monthly Giveaways and Discounts

When it comes to Insider member appreciation, we can’t stress enough how much you mean to us. So every month, we want to spotlight and recognize various members like you for your loyalty and readership. Two lucky members will receive a $75 gift card.

Additionally, two more members will receive Soap Hub swag. More than that, each month, we will give you exclusive discounts at our Soap Hub online shop so you can get all the soap swag you want at a very steep discount! Best of all, you don’t have to enter for a chance to be chosen. As soon as you become a member, you’re automatically entered for a chance to win the monthly gift card and the Soap swag!

Original Online Soap

One of the more entertaining perks of being an Insider is our exclusive original online soap, written by a New York Times bestselling author. ‘Best for Last’ chronicles the journey of one couple trying to make sense of the world around them as well as their love for each other.

Through heartbreaking lows and euphoric highs, Lauren, a free spirit and Seth, her beloved (and the person who keeps her halfway grounded), carve a life for themselves through a mountain of drama and memorable moments. Their gripping journey will keep you on the edge of your seat and provide an escape whenever you need it most.

Last But Not Least

Aside from all the above offerings, we’re working on bringing you more goodies in the near future. As Insider continues to grow, we’ll continue to find new ways to give you the best site experience that you deserve. Soaps have been around for more than half a century now, and loyal fans, like you, deserve the best. That’s why Insider is here, and that’s why we’ll continue to work toward bringing you the best the soap world has to offer!

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