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Kassie DePaiva Has A Health Update For Fans


After a harrowing 2016 and a 2017 on the mend, Kassie DePaiva looks forward to an even better 2018 and shares some news about her cancer status.

In 2016, the actress was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia and canceled her upcoming long-term return to Days of Our Lives in order to undergo grueling chemotherapy treatments.

Earlier this year, DePaiva did make her DAYS comeback at Eve Donovan Larsen Kiriakis and also announced she was cancer-free and now the news is even better than ever.

“My bone marrow biopsies continue to come back clear and blood work normal,” DePaiva said on her blog.

“Every 4 months I have to have a bone marrow biopsy and every 6 weeks blood work done as a precaution to make sure I’m still in remission. Needless to say, I get anxious prior to lab work but God continues to keep me in His healing hands.”

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The chemo treatments caused the actress to lose her hair, but now she sports a short and sassy ‘do that works well with sassy Eve, who now claims to be the heir to the Kiriakis fortune thanks to her secret marriage to the late Deimos.

\Eve is about to get down and dirty with Brady, something everyone could see coming recently, but who nobody could see coming a year ago. DePaiva does point out on her blog how she can’t wait for Jen Lilley’s return as Theresa, which will make 2018 very interesting indeed.

The actress’s husband also returned to soaps this year, with James DePaiva playing Dr. David Bensch on General Hospital (GH). With such a positive outlook, the ringing in the new year with joy seems to be right on track for DePaiva and family.

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