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Guess Which Soap Opera Characters Are on the Naughty List!

soap opera naughty list!Soap opera naughty list!

There are several soap opera characters who we think should be on Santa’s naughty list – and they may not be the obvious choices.

Of course, the list contains the usual suspects on the list, like murderers, attempted murderers, mobsters, backstabbers, etc., that populate our favorite soap opera towns.

But, there are also those who act put upon and think they’re the hero – but only in their own minds as they leave a trail of destruction in their wake. Here is Soap Hub’s list of people who Santa should consider putting only coal in their stockings.

The Young and the Restless
Oh poor, poor Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson). Big brother Jack is so mean to him by not instantly forgiving him for sleeping with his wife for the second time. No, we don’t mean that he slept with the same woman twice – he slept with TWO of his brother’s wives.

Yet, his super swell sisters think Jack is being harsh not putting the past behind him. Shut. Up. Now. Billy didn’t give a rat’s butt how his brother felt as long as he could sleep with Phyllis.

You go on hating your little bro, Jack – and he’s going to get nothing from Santa while we’re at it.

General Hospital
Aw, we feel so sorry for Nelle (Chloe Lanier), who had her kidney ripped out of her side as a kid by her horrible parents. She obviously came to Port Charles with revenge on her mind – against Carly.

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But, she obviously likes Sonny (not in that way) and Michael, and doesn’t seem to care (OK, maybe she seemed to care a teensy bit) that her dastardly deeds are going to cause them a lot of pain.

Her sweet act grates on our last nerve, and her plot is a slow-moving one at that – which is almost the greater sin. Santa – just walk on by.

Days of Our Lives
Little fragile Abigail (unless you cross her and then she just LOVES to dish out blackmail) has her mom and brother walking on eggshells and twisting themselves in knots to make her happy so she won’t go “die” again and disappear from their lives.

You selfish little brat, Abby (Marci Miller)! You don’t care that your insane (oops, sorry) need to keep your resurrection a secret has cost your brother the woman he loves.

Nope! Not. One. Bit. Or that you’re tearing your mother apart and making them both lie to everyone in their lives. Santa, go snatch back her ornament.

The Bold and the Beautiful
Oh that devilishly charming Spencer boy, Liam (Scott Clifton). He has every woman he meets panting after him but…continue reading on the next page —>

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