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The Top Soap Opera Characters Breaking Our Hearts Right Now


Soap operas are there to entertain, but they really pull you in when they make your heart break.

There’s no shortage of soap characters who make you feel their sadness, but right now there are a particular four who just know what buttons to press to bring on the waterworks.

General Hospital, Mike Corbin
Watching a longtime characters age and suffer the effects of Alzheimer’s can move anyone, but who could have guessed how moved we’d be by watching a different actor play this now-aged character after someone else was in the part for 16 years.

Ron Hale made the middle-aged gambler Mike Corbin his own, but now Max Gail has made the older Mike with Alzheimer’s his own. Two completely different actors and we still cry each day as we watch Mike struggle through life and come to terms with his diagnosis.

Days of Our Lives, Steve Johnson
While we know in our guts that Steve will get his sight back, its still been heartbreaking watching him know he’s going blind.

Seeing it fully happen this week combined with Kayla’s anguish and his stoic acceptance has been heart-wrenching.

With GH’s Mike Corbin, we know the outcome because there is no cure for Alzheimer’s. With Steve, we could be wrong and DAYS chooses to make him a blind character for life, but while we doubt that will happen, it’s still so utterly sad to watch now.

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The Young and the Restless, Victoria Newman
Victoria is conniving and vindictive when it comes to the corporate world and her determination to get ahead and win her father’s approval, but as a woman there’s no way we can’t feel for her right now.

Like so many strong women, she’s fallen for a man who is not only emotionally abusive, but has now proven himself to be physically so. And while we’re frustrated to watch her believe JT when he blames her for his actions, we know this happens in real life, so when she’s not in the boardroom, our hearts break for her.

The Bold and the Beautiful, Liam Spencer
Yes, Liam. Yes, the guy who will be revealed to be his father’s shooter. How much has Liam been through in the past few years? He lost his memory, thought he was married to Quinn, lost the girl, finally married the girl, and then learned the girl slept with his father and got pregnant.

Sure, DNA tests show the baby is his (for now, soap DNA tests can lie), and Liam did go off the deep end and shoot Bill. But, he doesn’t KNOW he went off the deep end. That memory loss from a few years ago seems to have returned and an old injury likely made him do something that will tear at his guilt forever.

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