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Former Soap Star Demands His Own ARREST!!!

Shane McDermottShane McDermott

In a case that might be one for “World’s Dumbest Criminals,” a former soap star got arrested and managed to cause a bit of laughter with his comical demands.

According to TMZ, former All My Children actor Shane McDermott (Scott Chandler) literally ran down the street from cops in Galveston, TX early Sunday morning. Following a verbal altercation while drinking at a bar, McDermott left the bar and went running through the middle of the street.

When members of the local PD asked him where he was going, he tried to tell them he was headed home, but he wasn’t even going the right direction. At that point, they gave him two options — get a ride home or get arrested.

Somewhat shockingly, in his drunken state, McDermott chose to be taken downtown as opposed to home! What!?!?

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The cops acquiesced to his demands, and they booked him for public intoxication. One funny mugshot and $241 later, he left the jail with a lighter wallet and a pretty silly story.

You may also recognize McDermott from the movie Airborne or from the small screen on Law & Order, MTV Beach Party and The Collin Quinn Show. Additionally, he starred as Garret Booth on Swan’s Crossing.

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