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Fans Share What They’re Willing To Accept To Keep Soap Operas Alive

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The number of soap operas on the air has been dwindling over the years, and the attempts to keep them alive have had to get creative.

There are few ways that networks can trim the costs, but viewers haven’t always reacted well to these changes. So, Soap Hub asked what you are willing to accept to keep your favorite soap operas on the air.

Cardboard Boxes
After over 3,000 votes were tallied, 45% said they would accept lower production values. The Young and the Restless (YR) and The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) have always looked very lush, and you know that can’t be cheap.

But if push comes to shove, you know it’s story that is the most important and if you had to put up with cheaper clothes or lackluster sets, you could handle it.

More Goodbyes
While you love your favorite characters, 37% are willing to see casts trimmed. Many cited you were willing to lose the young teens on Days of Our Lives (DOOL) but that’s not a cut that would save the shows money.

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You’ll have to put up with seeing your veterans less, if at all, and more of the young ones who don’t cost as much to use. But if that will keep the show on the air, you’re willing to see that happen.

Computer Issues
While the next generation tends to watch everything online, only 18% of you are willing to watch your shows there. Some of that is already happening, like when a show gets interrupted during an important episode.

General Hospital (GH) fans had to do that when Jane Elliot’s last episode was interrupted and the only way to see the whole thing was to view it on ABC.com or the streaming service Hulu.

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