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Fans Feel THIS Way About Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome

soap operaSoap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome

Soap opera rapid aging syndrome, also known as SORAS, is a tale as old as time… so to speak.

SORAS is when your favorite soap takes your favorite youngster and recasts with an older actor so that they can have fun (read: annoying) storylines.

Very few are allowed to grow up in real time like Robin on General Hospital (GH), who has been played by Kimberly McCullough since childhood.

Soap Hub asked how you feel about SORAS, and you didn’t hold back.

Just Stop It
After over 3,000 votes were tallied, the majority at 52% said SORAS is not your thing. You get attached to the youngsters, plus the syndrome also ages the parents way too fast.

The fact that some characters are grandparents to teens when in their 50s (a la Hope on Days of Our Lives) seems a bit silly.

You enjoy watching talents like Alyvia Alyn Lind, who plays Faith on The Young and the Restless. She does an excellent job and can still help move story forward even at her young age.

What do you think? Post a comment!

You also don’t like to believe that Belle (Martha Madison) now has a teenage daughter in Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan). It wasn’t that long ago that Belle was the focus of teenage angst – how can she already have one of her own? It’s just wrong.

Growing Up Fast
It seems that 40% of you are good with it! You know without SORAS, you would have compelling stories, like when Rick Forrester (Jacob Young) grew up overnight and then tried to kill his mother’s fiancé Grant.

On the Fence
For 8% of you, your love for SORAS depends because you’ve seen some good cases and have been upset at others. You know it can go either way, so you just kind of go with the flow.

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