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Fans Reveal What Would Make Them Watch Another Soap

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There are currently four soaps on three networks and all are fighting for your eyeballs to watch them — but what would it take for you to watch another soap?

This is a question that soap producers have wondered about for decades so Soap Hub decided to go to the source — you — and you didn’t disappoint. Over 7,000 weighed in on this very important question, and here are those results!

Actor Loyalty
For 33% of you, it’s all about your favorite actor. The Young and the Restless certainly banked on that when they brought over General Hospital star Steve Burton (Jason) to play Dylan for a few of years, but they are hardly the first show to employ this tactic. Heck, the late soap Santa Barbara pretty much mined all of daytime for its cast.

Like No Other
In a shocking twist, 28% chose “other” — with most of those basically saying nothing could make them add another soap to their lineup. You love your current show and you have zero plans to add another. A very small part of that number said a story that moves steadily instead of slowly like several are moving now. Patience is not your virtue!

Hot Promos!
Then there’s the 20% who admit to getting sucked in by an exciting promo you’ve caught of the show. Perhaps that’s a great reason for soaps like The Bold and the Beautiful to showcase their hottest story, like the current baby switch, with a promo at night. CBS’s primetime schedule does well — they should show it off there!

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Getting Social
Another 17% admit that if Soap Twitter is talking it up, they want to check it out. That is excellent news for soaps considering that their buy-in is next to nothing to promote their show that way.

Days of Our Lives has certainly been pleasing fans and they’ve been quite vocal about it — we bet that’s snagged some new viewers!

The Write Move
Only 2% are willing to follow a writer to a new show. Perhaps that is a little too inside baseball for fans, though if anyone could have accomplished that in today’s soaps, it would be DAYS head writer, Ron Carlivati, who has reinvigorated the show since moving there from GH.

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