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How Fans REALLY Feel About Love in the Afternoon

Soap Operas didn’t get the nickname ‘Love in the Afternoon’ from nothing. Often, daytime dramas like The Young and the Restless (YR), Days of Our Lives (DOOL), General Hospital (GH), and The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) feature a torrent of torrid storylines.

Because daytime so often depicts steamy scenes complete with flying shirts and locking lips, Soap Hub asked if you think there is too much sex in soaps these days.

Here are the surprising results!

Bring It On!

For 42% of you, this sudser staple is one of the reasons you tune in religiously. You love seeing the daily lives and relationships of soap families, and the lusty moments are part of that. You enjoy seeing things heat up on screen from time to time, and so far, today’s stories have the right level of lovemaking.

In fact, you wouldn’t change it at all because sometimes seeing your favorites finally get together after so many months or even years of buildup is the ultimate payoff!

If the Storyline Calls For It…

When the storyline calls for sex, then 30% of you think that’s what should happen on your favorite soaps. You don’t want to see gratuitous sex scenes that don’t make sense in context, but when part of an overall payoff, then you’re all for these types of (often) romantic get-togethers.

There are plenty of ingredients that mix together to create a satisfying sudsy experience, and for you, well-placed lovemaking belongs.

Daytime Goes Too Far These Days

The remaining 27% of you could do without the naked tango on daytime TV these days. You’d rather see your favorites living their lives with their clothes on.

Perhaps you have children watching with you, or you’d just rather see the shows focus on other aspects of the stories each day.

Although daytime has a history of pushing the envelope, you know what happens behind closed doors, and you feel that these bedroom scenes might be better off if simply left implied instead of shown onscreen.

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