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You Need a Hero: Fans Pick THIS Man As Their Favorite Soap Opera Savior

Soap opera heroesSoap opera heroes

Rooting for your favorite soap opera hero is part of the fun of watching soaps. There have been many over the years who have won our hearts. But Soap Hub asked who your favorite hero is currently.

Big Protector
It was a very right race, but it seems that for 29% of you, Rafe (Galen Gering) from Days of Our Lives (DOOL) is currently your favorite hero in daytime. How could he not be?

He moved heaven and earth to rescue Hope, and then once they were together romantically he kept coming up with romantic ways to sweep her off her feet.

Brainy Scarecrow
Only slightly behind, with 27% of the vote, comes Jason (Billy Miller) from General Hospital (GH). His hero status may be a bit tarnished in his son’s eyes, since Jake is scared of him–well his former look at least, where he saw him as the scarecrow).

But, you know that doesn’t matter and Jason will come out the hero once again, saving the day for him and for his son.

Romeo Betrayal
Making a strong appearance as well is Thomas (Pierson Fodé) from The Bold and the Beautiful (BB). While his family is upset that he has seemingly turned on them to support Sally Spectra, that’s just fine with 23% of you.

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Heck, it’s more than fine – you adore this young man as he finds himself and his strength of character through his newfound love for his family’s newest enemy.

Heir Apparent
Even if he came in last, he wasn’t that many percentage points of the winner, or so say 21% of you who picked Nick (Joshua Morrow) from The Young and the Restless (YR) as your favorite hero.

You loved how uncovered his brother’s killer and did his best to bring her to justice. If only his father, Victor Newman, hadn’t gotten in the way and helped Chloe escape.

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