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Why Fans Have LOTS To Say About Soaps Rewriting History!

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Just like people’s memories can be unreliable, so do soaps periodically forget what exactly happened during their multi-decades-long histories.

General Hospital’s (GH) Carly is now claiming she never felt a connection to this new incarnation of Jason — when fans are pretty sure she was the one feeling a pull to him back when the character was still labeled John Doe.

And let’s not talk about the rewrite that had to happen to make Franco (Roger Howarth) Heather and Scott’s son, or Charlotte Lulu and Valentin’s daughter.

On The Bold and the Beautiful (BB), all of Quinn’s (Rena Sofer) sins are forgotten now that a bigger psycho, Sheila (Kimberlin Brown), is in town.

On The Young and the Restless (YR), we just got almost a full rewrite of the Jill/Phillip/Kay triangle, which involved a hidden ring — and pretty much no other payoff, and on Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) it looks like yet another death, Will’s, is about to be undone.

How do fans feel about these slights of time and space? Over 10,000 took us to school about it.

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I See What You Did There
Do they think we’re stupid, fume 63% of you? Do they think we don’t remember GH’s Luke being a loving husband and father, before he suddenly decided no, that’s not how it was, at all.

Do you think we can’t count and figure out that DAYS’ Robin and Mike hadn’t had sex for almost a year before she left town, thus making their secret son, Jeremy, the result of an elephant-level gestation?

And whatever Y&R is plotting with tying Graham (Max Shippee) into the Abbott family had better be consistent with what you’ve seen before! Revisionist history is the kind of thing that makes fans turn shows off.

This Is How You Do It
But when it’s done right, it’s amazing, enthuse 37% of viewers! GH’s introduction of Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) as Laura’s long-lost Cassadine son prompted years of great story.

And, sure, B&B had to jump some serious handsprings to explain how Maya (Karla Mosley) had first come to L.A. looking for the baby she’d given up for adoption… then admitted she used to be Myron. But it was worth it!

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