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Clear Skies Ahead? Your 2018 Soap Fan Forecast!!!


Soap fans can all agree, 2017 was a test of soap opera fandom. With a constant barrage of interruptions from the White House, fluctuating ratings, and bland storylines, soaps including Days of our Lives (DOOL), General Hospital (GH), The Young and the Restless (YR), and The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) suffered.

With that in mind, Soap Hub asked what your 2018 soap plans are, and the turnout was incredible. A whopping 38k of you voted, and an overwhelming majority of you feels a certain way about your daytime escape.

On the Ledge
For 5%, it’s difficult to see a future with your once beloved soap.

Doppelgangers, undead characters, and recycled cliffhangers dominated 2017, and it was a test of willpower and faith that kept you from abandoning your soap altogether.

Despite new writing teams and other changes, soaps were not where they could be and just didn’t deliver the same draw they once did. However, you still have some hope in 2018.

You’ll give it a try because frankly, there is nothing on daytime as interesting as soaps!

Through Thick and Thin, I’m In

However, for 93%, abandoning your soap has never crossed your mind. You’re a diehard fan, loyal till the end.

What do you think? Post a comment!

Perhaps you were “grandmothered” in, or your soap has been there for you when everything else in your life has not. No matter the reasons, you’ll never leave.

You’ll gladly suffer through dragged-out storylines, unrelenting bed-hopping love triangles, and undead characters–just don’t cancel them. Ever.

Goodbye, Sudsy Friend
Interestingly, for a minute group of fans (less than 1%), all good things must end someday and that day is probably today. Your soap has disappointed you to the point of no return.

You may have been a longtime fan, and you’ve stuck through many years with storylines you don’t necessarily agree with, but 2017 was just too much.

The bombardment of controversial topics, predictable plotlines, and lackluster dialogue already had you fast-forwarding through more than half of the show, and you don’t see any relief in 2018. So, farewell sudsy friend, you are done.

How do you feel about soaps in 2018? Do you plan on watching or switching off?

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