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Family Ties: Surprising Soap Characters Who Are Related!

Soap Opera AgingSoap Opera Aging

With so many soap opera characters marrying, divorcing, re-marrying, having kids by two brothers, have kids with a father and a son, and all that other daytime goodness reminiscent of Medieval England, it sometimes feels like everyone is related to everyone.

While everyone might be an exaggeration, there are some surprising soap relations out there. Do you find it hard to keep up–even if you have the sharpest soap mind. That’s just what Soap Hub asked and nearly 14,000 of you responded.

Say Who? Say What?
For 58% of you, heads are sometimes spinning as you try to remember if certain characters are related or not. For example, on General Hospital (GH), it’s easy to forget that Lucas has two sisters–and a brother.

Yes, Sam and Carly are both his sisters. Sam is his half-sister through bio dad, Julian, while Carly is his sister via adopted mom, Bobbie. And his brother? Little Leo, of course–the result of a one-night stand between Julian and Olivia.

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans need to recall that Ciara is Claire’s aunt via Ciara’s brother and Claire’s father, Shawn. And Hope and Julie? Well, they are half-sisters via their mother, Addie. But, they’re also stepmother and stepdaughter because Julie is married to Hope’s dad, Doug.

And The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) has quite a tangled web. Never forget that Little Lizzie is Brooke and Eric’s grandchild via son, Rick. She also has a son with Ridge, RJ.

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Plus, Hope was born thanks to her mother sleeping with her sister, Bridget’s husband, Deacon. Brooke eventually married Deacon, making him Bridget’s ex-husband and stepfather. Oh, Brooke. At least you didn’t keep it all Forrester.

And who can even remotely understand The Young and the Restless (YR) now that half the Abbotts aren’t the Abbotts anymore–or are they?

Piece Of Cake
For the other 42% of you, this is easy as can be. You’ve been following for years and keep up with these families like they’re your own families. Therefore, it’s not that hard to keep these jumbled family messes straight in your head.

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