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Crossing The Line: Do Soap Fans Take Things Too Far?!

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Back in the day, your only option in letting a soap know how you felt was a fan letter or calling the studio. But social media has changed everything — and some people are getting hurt.

You’ve seen the stories time and again about fans attacking an actor for a storyline that they disagree with, their weight gain, or even their politics.

While the majority of fans know that writers write and actors act what’s on the page, there are always a few who take things too far.

And it ruins it for those who do play by the rules because sometimes the actors in question don’t feel like sticking around for the abuse.

Sure, plenty of fans will come to the actor’s rescue and try to get the offending person to back down, but who wants to deal with abuse in any form?

Actors like Heather Tom (Katie, The Bold and the Beautiful) and Billy Flynn (Chad, Days of Our Lives) have fought back but others have simply ignored the fray. Soap Hub asked if you think some take it too far and over 3,000 shared their thoughts on the subject.

It’s Just A Soap, People!
An overwhelming 96% believe that some viewers do take things a little too far. The actors are not in charge of what happens onscreen and to blame them for what you see as if they’re in charge isn’t just unrealistic — it’s just plain wrong.

What do you think? Post a comment!

They’re doing their job and if someone doesn’t like what they see onscreen, they shouldn’t blame an actor.

The latest incident was General Hospital fans blaming actor Donnell Turner for his character, Curtis, bad-mouthing Jason (Steve Burton). The character is friends with Jason’s rival and twin, Drew (Billy Miller) so it makes sense he’d stick up for his pal. That didn’t stop fans on social media from lambasting the actor.

Nothing To See Here, Folks
Still, 3% feel this is a nonissue, that fans don’t take things too far at all. You point to all the love fans are showing actors, especially right now on The Young and the Restless for their 45th anniversary.

You think fans understand the truth and this is just making a mountain out of a couple of strange isolated incidents.

The final 1% wrote in some pretty telling comments, trying to remind people it’s just fiction, not real life. Others pointed out social media is a great place to debate different opinions.

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