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Close Friend Sets The Record Straight About Kristoff St. John’s Death

Kristoff St. John February 6Kristoff St. John

There has been a lot of speculation about the circumstances surrounding the death of The Young and the Restless star Kristoff St. John. Now his friend, writer/director Marc Clebanoff, who found him Sunday, sets the record straight on Facebook.

“Kristoff and I met about 12 years ago through our friend Maverick. KSJ hired me to help him produce a documentary that was a very personal project to him and the St. John family. Kristoff and I spent 5 years together working on it and as you can imagine became very close,” he wrote on his FB page.

Clebanoff recounted story after story about the ways in which Kristoff was an incredible friend — taking care of him in so many ways.

“To say he was a good dude is an understatement. This guy always looked after me like a son. When I was less fortunate than I am now, sometimes he’d overpay me when I was working for him just cuz he knew it would help me.”

The two remained close pals over the years and saw each other not long before the legendary actor’s death.

“He invited me over Friday eve and I went over, brought some food and we hung out. He was in a rough place but we hung out, ate dinner and laughed a lot as usual talking about life, women, biz and bulls[*$]t. I had no idea it would be the last time me or anyone would get to hang with him.”

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Clebanoff wrote a passionate defense of his friend on his Facebook page — wanting to correct the rumors reported by TMZ.

“Press can call it a wellness check or whatever the f[*$]k they want. I went to go watch the game with my bro and when I arrived I found one of my dearest friends dead.

“But believe this – don’t believe the bulls#*it you read – Kristoff died of a broken heart. And I know for fact he had no intention of hurting himself. Period. End of story.”

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