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Cast Your Vote To Decide Who Is The BEST Soap Opera Dad!

soap opera dads

They’re handsome, they’re sexy, and they love their children. They are so good, you may wish that these soap dads were actually your own.

They will sacrifice themselves to keep their children safe, risk anything to prove they’re the father, try anything just to have them, or walk through fire to make sure they are safe.

Take General Hospital (GH) superman, Jason (Billy Miller). He left his friend and mentor to try to have a safe line of work, risked emotional stress to save his son, and did all he could to find his pregnant wife and get their daughter to safety.

Of course, just ask Summer, Noah, and Faith what an awesome dad Nick (Joshua Morrow) has been to them on The Young and the Restless (YR).

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He’s been there for them and now is doing everything he can to be a great dad to Christian (even if he doesn’t know he isn’t really his son).

Rick (Jacob Young) was desperate to become a dad with Maya on The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) that they went the surrogate route. He’s been a doting dad, and one little trip to Paris won’t undo that, no matter what Nicole may think.

While he didn’t start off as a great dad, Steve (Stephen Nichols) has certainly tried to make up for lost time on Days of Our Lives (DOOL). He will do anything to protect his children — including taking a murder rap.

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