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Bring ‘Em Back: Are Soap Vet Returns Worth It?

Soaps Vets ReturnSoap Vets Return

It seems like a no-brainer to bring beloved actors back to the roles that made them famous, but is that really what soap fans want?

After all, during their away years, other characters get to shine and make their way into viewers’ hearts as much as or sometimes more than those who left.. but when someone returns, that means airtime for other faves can diminish. That isn’t always welcomed news.

Soap Hub asked what side fans fall on, and you were pretty clear with your response. Almost 4,000 of you decided to weigh on the question.

It Depends
For 59% of you, this question was as cut and dry as it seemed. You feel it completely depends on which veteran is returning. Once you know that information, you’re able to make a better choice as to whether or not they are worth bringing back.

Consider General Hospital’s Steve Burton. He was gone for five years and his character was recast, so when he came back, it created a ton of story that fans are still watching unravel. For The Young and the Restless fans, Dina’s (Marla Adams) return to town has helped reinvigorate that family.

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The More, The Merrier
You have no qualms about it, say 26%. You absolutely love when past faves return. You were shocked that Days of Our Lives (DOOL) managed to free Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) and that story has captured your attention.

It felt like it had been years since The Bold and the Beautiful had Taylor (Hunter Tylo) and her return has shifted the balance of power a couple of times over already with still more to come.

Make It Stop
That leaves 15% who are just plain tired of it. You love the ones who are there and they barely get enough air time — bringing more back makes their airtime shrink and you aren’t happy.

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