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Bragging Rights: Soap Fans Reveal How Loyal They Are!

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Soaps have been on for decades, but that doesn’t mean everyone has been able to watch from the beginning.

The Young and the Restless started on CBS back in 1973, while its sister show, The Bold and the Beautiful, joined it in 1987. But both of those shows are relatively young when you compare them to the others.

Days of Our Lives came on the air in 1965, but it’s General Hospital that is the oldest, first airing on ABC back in 1963. Of course, it wasn’t the powerhouse ratings-wise until the late 1970s and early ’80s.

Some fans began watching while home with their mothers or grandmothers while others found these shows on their own. Soap Hub asked where you stack up against your fellow fans. Here are those results.

From the Beginning
After over 13,000 votes were tallied, almost half of you – 46% – have been watching your favorite soap since Day 1 — and you can’t see yourself ever stopping. Your show is the best and while it may have its ups and downs, you plan to stick with it through it all.

For 20 to 30 Years…
Not far behind at 44% is this set of watchers. Perhaps you are a bit younger and that’s why you haven’t been watching from the beginning but you sure have shown that you have staying power and love your show. You’ve been watching since around the 1990s and you plan to keep on watching.

For 10 to 20 Years
Only 8% of you have been watching since the turn of the century, but that’s already a pretty long time! You’ve developed a history with the show and even if it’s not as long as others, you don’t want to see the history you know messed with by any group of writers. You’re passionate about your soap!

Less Than 10 Years
You may be a little late to the party, but you’re loving what you’re seeing and you think it just means you have more energy to show your devotion. You’re probably on social media and only know a world where you could follow your faves online, rather than having to pick up a magazine.

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