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Top 8 Soap Recasts Who Made Their Role Their Own!


In the theater, many people play the same part as different incarnations of plays are produced and directed. However, that part and play has a beginning, middle, and end with actors not entering your living rooms every day. When a soap recasts, it needs to often fill some pretty large shoes. Sometimes, a recast is a disaster and sometimes soaps get it just right.

Here are Soap Shows’ picks for the 10 best soap recasts who have made the role their own.

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1. Billy Miller as Jason Morgan, “General Hospital”

OK, at the moment, he may only have memory flashes of being Jason Morgan and is about to remember a brief Jason Quartermaine moment, but Miller has made many fans (not all) sat “Steve, who?” Yes, Steve Burton will always be remembered as Jason Morgan, and we’re not downplaying his performance at all. We’re just saying Miller has created a new kind of Jason, which is his job as an actor, and he’s done it with finesse. We love him, his smiles, his performance, AND his chemistry with Kelly Monaco‘s Sam. What could be better?

jason 2

2. Laura Wright as Carly Corinthos, “General Hospital”

After both Sarah Joy Brown and Tamara Braun breathed life into Carly, nobody thought anyone could do it better. And while we won’t say Laura Wright does it better, she does do it differently and has for ten years. She is the quintessential Carly, and we will always see her as such. She’s lasted in the role longer than any other actress and truly come into her own as a performer portraying this strong, sassy, flawed woman whose not afraid to take risks, and often messes up along the way.


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