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WOW! Vanessa Marcil’s Absolutely STUNNING Tribute To Maurice Benard


Sonny and Brenda will forever be one of General Hospital’s most popular couples–star-crossed lovers from the start who could never get it together. Even when they finally married after years and years of trying, the marriage barely lasted a few months.

However, that doesn’t mean the affection Vanessa Marcil had and apparently still has for Maurice Benard is any less.

Marcil, who lost her father last week after being estranged for many years–yet reunited for five–seems to have used this time for reflection and took to Instagram today to talk vaguely about her father, and praise the man who helped her grow up–Benard.

In a stunning and surprising tribute, Marcil credits her longtime co-star with helping her find the strength to forgive her father and have a relationship with him during his final years.

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For Sonny and Brenda fans, reading this is a treat. And, for anyone who has ever had hurt and love in their life and their family, the words have extra special meaning.

When Benard read what she had to say, he was clearly touched and humbled, tweeting his feelings.

Read the posts for yourself below.

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