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William deVry On Overcoming Julian Doing The Bad, Bad Thing

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While ‘Julexis’ still has a rabid group of fans out there in social media land waiting for the rebirth of their favorite General Hosptial (GH) couple, even actor William deVry has to admit, the right story needs to be told to redeem his character.

After all, he did try to kill his wife, and before that, he was violent with her. While bullets and bombs explode all over Port Charles, domestic violence is not something that’s easy to overcome, but deVry is hopeful it can be done.

We first saw Julian this week after a several-month absence with that character in jail while the actor worked out a new three-year deal. This time, Julian is the victim of violence–jailhouse violence, but it’s the start of something new in the Julexis saga as Alexis realizes she needs to get him out of prison ASAP.

But, is that enough to resolve everything that came before? The actor explained his feelings about his character and the audience to TV Insider’s Michael Logan.

“I have faith in the writers and am super confident they will come up with a story that exonerates my character,” deVry said. “There’s a lot more story to tell. The fans should not give up on Julexis just yet.”

He continued: “There’s a lot of support from the audience to get Julexis back together.  Don’t get me wrong. There’s 10 percent—maybe even 20 percent—of the Julexis fans who think Julian went too far and can’t overlook the domestic-abuse aspect of the story, and they are no longer Julexis fans.”

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deVry said he is totally on board with the couple reuniting down the line, and felt assured Nancy Lee Grahn is also cool with it all.

“I think Alexis and Julian eventually getting back together is good for the show,” he told Logan. “And it’s good for Nancy! She has been self-admittedly bored out of her mind since I left. She has gotten over all her hang-ups about why Alexis would never go back to Julian.

“I know Nancy does enjoy Julexis. She understands that [this romance] resurrected her character. And I realize that hitching my wagon to Nancy’s horse was very good for me, too.”

Grahn herself weighed in on deVry’s thoughts with a Facebook post of her own after the interview was published on Monday.

“Redemption, even in the ugliest of circumstances, can be true for Julexis for sure. I never took the position that Alexis can’t be with Julian again, I’m all for redemption story-lines, but domestic violence must never be ignored.

“In the case of Julian and Alexis, I have faith that exploring the complexity of this very serious issue will make these characters, and their relationship with each other, deepen even more.

“I’d also like to add, I’m not one to get bored easily. This year has been one of the best and most stimulating of my life. ALL aspects of it. I couldn’t be less bored, and more delighted.”

So, GH and Julexis fans, let’s see where it goes from here. If history is any indicator, we know it’s going to be a wild ride.

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Video Credit: Emie Craigo

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