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Will Sonny Come Out On Top in the General Hospital (GH) Mob Wars?

General Hospital

When we asked General Hospital fans whether Sonny would find himself at the top of the food chain, we didn’t mean he’d be eating people.

However, if he did, he would probably have a handy explanation for how he did it all out of love for his family and, hey, did Sonny ever mention that he’d had a rough childhood?

We wanted to know whether you thought he’d end up at the top of the heap once all the Port Charles families got done battling for territory. Here’s what over 3,000 viewers had to say.

You’re the Top, You’re the Tower of Pisa!

For 65% of you, Sonny (Maurice Benard) is already the Alpha and the Omega of all he surveys, so becoming top dog is just a matter of time.

Forget Frank and Damian Smith, forget Alcazar, forget the Riveras, the Zacharas, and every single one of the Jerome siblings.

Also don’t worry about that guy with the horrible Russian accent. He was obviously faking it. Sonny will rule Port Charles. But not with an iron fist. Remember, he’s the GOOD mobster.

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Out With the Old
When viewers first met Sonny, he was feeding an underage girl pills so she’d strip at his club. Now THAT’S a mobster! There were gun-battles and cars and boats blowing up. Now THAT’S a mob war.

Since then, he’s gone soft. He’s done time, he couldn’t protect Michael (Chad Duell) in jail or keep Morgan from going poof, and now Nelle (Chloe Lanier) has him thinking he slept with her when he didn’t even do that.

His time is done, votes 23% of the audience. No way is Sonny ever winning again. Not for the long haul, anyway.

Who Knows?
No one knows exactly how the mob works in Port Charles, so 12% of fans don’t know who will ultimately be left standing.

Hey, maybe Carly (Laura Wright) will decide to take a crack at the top spot. After all, she’s slept with enough of them….

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