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Will Liz Forgive Franco For Lying About Jason(s) on General Hospital (GH)?

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Liz might catch Franco in a lie – again – on General Hospital (GH). And it’s kind of a big one, having to do with which of the two contestants was actually Liz’s baby daddy (of Child #2, i.e. The Only One That Matters), and which one was merely his plastic-surgery altered, heretofore unheard of, identical twin.

Women like to know these things. If only so they know where to send the child support request.

Will Liz (Rebecca Herbst) be able to forgive Franco (Roger Howarth) if she learns of this latest transgression? Here’s how almost 6,000 viewers voted.

Past Performance
Who is she trying to kid, wonder 74% of you. Liz ALWAYS forgives Franco. Anything. She forgave him for being a serial killer who got a teen-age Michael (Chad Duell) raped in prison, and let Sam (Kelly Monaco) think he’d raped her and might be the father of her child. She forgave him for locking a man up in a cage.

The man was Liz’s rapist, sure, but still.

She forgave him for a whole assortment of smaller lies, deceptions, and suppressed truths. So, yes, Liz will forgive Franco… after a while, and everything will go back to normal.

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Which for Liz means… another Who’s the Daddy story?

Not This Time!
Enough is enough is enough is enough, groan 25% of the audience. PLEASE let this be the straw that finally breaks the camel’s back and forces Liz to consider everything that Franco has done up to this point – and everything Liz has looked the other way on. Besides, she doesn’t need Franco anymore.

Liz has her Original Recipe Jason (Steve Burton) back. And he’s not with Sam anymore. She’s busy with the other Jason (Billy Miller), and their child. That means Liz can reunite with the father of hers, and now everyone is happy! Except Franco. But who cares about him?

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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