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Will Franco’s Lies Put The Brakes On General Hospital’s ‘Friz’ Pairing?

Franco and Liz General HospitalFranco and Liz General Hospital

Lately, it seems General Hospital (GH) has been pushing the Jason who once called himself Jake Doe further in Liz’s direction. While this has some fans very happy, it does not do the same for ‘Friz’ fans who have grown to love the quirky couple nobody ever expected?

It’s hard to forget what Liz (Rebecca Herbst) did to keep Jake Doe all to herself when she truly believed he was Jason Morgan (Billy Miller)–a man she obsessed over for years and shares a child with.

To get him to marry her, she lied about his supposed identity for seven months, which he enjoyed pointing out to her when he learned what she did.

So, Liz knows a thing or two about lies and now the man who helped her pick up the pieces is lying to her–and that other man may become available if he’s not Jason after all, and Sam (Kelly Monaco) picks the real Jason (we assume Steve Burton).

That seems to be one of Franco’s (Roger Howarth) main motivations behind keeping the Jasons secret, but we suspect if the one with the original face is the real deal, he also doesn’t want the guy to kill him.

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But, Liz is bound to find out the secret and it could put a wrench in things, right?

“Will Franco’s secret-keeping threaten this couple,” Head Writer Shelly Altman mused in the December 4 issue of Soap Opera Digest. “I think we can say Franco and Liz’s relationship is tested as Franco deals with secrets from his past.”

So, that makes it sound like there’s a lot more to come out, aside from him spending his first three years with one of the Jasons. Either way, Altman wants viewers to know Friz still has a future–and possibly a big one, as they take a big step forward very soon.

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