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Will Franco and PC Jason Team Up on General Hospital (GH)?

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On General Hospital (GH), not only are we up a Jason, but there is also Franco, who, at one point, Heather claimed was Jason’s long-lost twin. Now Franco is remembering a childhood friend who looks just like Jason did as a little boy.

Somebody needs to get to the bottom of this, and fans are wondering if Port Charles’ version of The Hardy Boys (which is confusing, because the Hardys used to be a core Port Charles family, with Elizabeth being a descendant) might turn out to be Franco and PC Jason.

No, not Politically Correct Jason (a former hitman would never pass the saint test), but the Jason currently in PC, the one married to Sam (Kelly Monaco) and played by Billy Miller.

Might he and Franco (Roger Howarth) team up? Over 4,000 viewers voted on the potential Batman and Robin pairing.

‘Drew’ Me a Picture
Go for it, cheer 80% of you! Join forces to figure out who this Drew really is. Is he the original Jason (Steve Burton), brainwashed, and kidnapped to Russia?

Or is he the second child Susan Moore gave birth to, stolen at birth, and given to Betsy along with Franco because… reasons? Or is that vice versa? It’s a convoluted mystery!

What do you think? Post a comment!

If Heather is behind all this, remember that she is quite good at selling babies on the black market. She did it with her first-born son, Steven Lars AKA PJ (also a Hardy, btw).

Then she set out to kill his adoptive mother, in order to get the boy back. Yes, she was that obsessed. And, yes, she then gave Franco away because… more reasons. So, you see, she’s crazy and capable of anything.

Hate Is Forever
Who cares who is related to whom, argue a crankier 20%. Franco and Jason will always hate one another, and even a mutual brother will never be enough to get them to see eye to eye.

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