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Will Anna’s Diagnosis Change EVERYTHING on General Hospital?

Anna on General HospitalAnna on General Hospital

The story between Anna and Valentin has heated up over the last week in a way no General Hospital fan could have expected.

After all, Anna is Port Charles’ very own version of Wonder Woman and James Bond rolled into one – and now she’s been stricken with the rare blood cancer polycythemia vera.

GH is being careful to get this story right, along with actress Finola Hughes. In fact, when she learned she was going to play this story, she did as much research as possible, consulting with a woman living with PV. On Monday afternoon, she published her experience taking on this bold story on Medium.

But, what will this all mean for Anna’s current story and her future on the Port Charles canvas?

When someone receives a diagnosis like this, petty little things like lifelong grudges against someone who wanted you dead tend to take a backseat, putting things in perspective. Will this happen for Valentin (James Patrick Stuart)?

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He already showed tremendous concern when Anna’s (Finola Hughes) health literally took a nosedive in his house after she broke in.

He then took it upon himself to get her to the hospital and stayed by her side, holding her hand, until she woke up and rejected him yet again. His concern didn’t go unnoticed by his wife.

What will happen to Valentin and Nina’s (Michelle Stafford) marriage once he learns of Anna’s diagnosis? It’s obvious that she still has a piece of his heart, despite her rejection of him back in their days in the WSB training program.

That rejection took on a whole new level when Anna learned she had given an order to have him killed. Will…continue reading on the next page —>

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