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WILD GENERAL HOSPITAL SPEC: Two Pregnant Women, One Soap. What Could POSSIBLY Go Wrong?

Nelle and Maxie General HospitalNelle and Maxie General Hospital

You know if two characters are pregnant at the same time on one soap, it’s not all going to be happily-ever-after for two couples. Instead, something is bound to get weird and that’s exactly what we predict happens with Nelle and Maxie on General Hospital (GH).

While both pregnancies caught the women off guard, Maxie’s is a very wanted pregnancy with her husband who has no doubts the baby is his.

For Nelle, things are a bit different. She’s no longer with Michael, we have no idea if she slept with someone else, and she lies a lot, so not everyone was convinced she was pregnant at first. And now not everyone is convinced Michael is the dad.

But, two doctors have confirmed her pregnancy and her due date lines up with when she was with Michael, so for now, we’ll go for it.

And for now, Nelle is pregnant. We think there’s a distinct possibility that Nelle ends up miscarrying, but of course, she tells nobody and sticks a pillow under her clothes till we’ll say May sweeps.

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Then, Maxie’s baby will be handily available and she’ll kidnap it–and then end up in DEEP trouble when it turns out she is in possession of Faison’s grandchild.

Or, Nelle and Maxie both carry their pregnancies to term (and we mean soap opera term, not real time) and somehow the babies get switched–and Faison wants his grandchild. And takes the wrong baby. You know Faison has to be involved here since Maxie is now making such a big deal about having the madman as a father-in-law.

Of course, it will take until November sweeps for Maxie to actually have her baby in her arms (and maybe even Nelle if our switched theory pans out), so this story can last a whole year. Who ever said two babies weren’t better than one when you want to milk a plot point?

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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