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Who’s Really Pulling Julian’s Puppet Strings?

General HospitalWho is pulling Julian's strings on General Hospital?

It’s clear General Hospital plans to write off Julian trying to slit Alexis’s throat last summer as something he was ordered to do. There’s definitely a lady in red giving Julian orders and pulling his strings, but who is she? Soap Hub asked just that question last week and you have some ideas.

Back From The Dead I?
Out of about 5,000 votes, 57% think Julian (William deVry) is being led around by the nose by his own sister, Olivia Jerome. We know that Tonja Walker is on her way back to GH as somebody, but are not yet sure who.

She created the role of Olivia decades ago, and the character was allegedly killed by Julian. She might have a whole lot to hold over his head, and he very well could be doing her bidding.

Back From The Dead II?
A smaller 28% of you think that the woman is Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) because that woman might sometimes look dead, but she’s never actually dead. Of course, she never really had much to do with Julian, but torturing Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) was one of her favorite sports. That means manipulating Julian could be on her agenda if she is indeed alive.

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What better order to give Julian than to tell him to try to kill Alexis with the dagger Helena used to kill her mother all those years ago?

A Visitor From Llanview
The final 14% are going back to the Tonja Walker idea. However, you don’t think Olivia is the culprit and decided she needs to stay dead. Instead, you think Walker will play Alex Olanov, the manipulative and eccentric diva from One Life to Live’s Llanview.

That would certainly be a surprise–and for many, a welcome one.

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