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We’re In Nelle Hell: So, WHO THE HECK IS SHE ALREADY???


We knew from the start that there was no way Nelle could be nearly as sweet as she seemed when she first arrived on the General Hospital scene.

We rarely know when we’re seeing the real Nelle (Chloe Lanier), but we do think we saw some hint of her today. She seemed to show real emotion with Michael, with her clear feelings for him (and his for her).

It’s pretty obvious Nelle is meant to be the next love of Michael’s (Chad Duell) life, so there’s no way she could be a Spencer or they’d be blood related.

Now, being a Spencer would have worked best. It would explain why the soap cast the actress who played young Pat to play Nelle, and also why Bobbie (Jacklyn Zeman) has had such an odd gut feeling about it.

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It would also make sense that she was a kidney match for Josslyn–if she even is the donor. (PLEASE let her be the donor so we don’t have to do the whole “Carly Searches For Joss’s Kidney Donor” story all over again.)

We’ve already seen the hints that somehow Nelle is related to Carly’s adopted father, but that is just too much of a letdown and we hope it’s a red herring.

The man is supposed to be dead, but we all know dead isn’t dead. Nelle got a letter from someone who seemed to be her father, but then she never heard from whoever that was again.

And, of course, we have the many faces of Nelle. We have the too-good-to-be-true Nelle; the angry-at-Carly-for-no-real-reason Nelle; the Nelle who likes to prance around in her underwear; the Nelle who you’d think is pure as the driven snow but then makes everyone believe she is…continue reading on the next page —>

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