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What Ever Happened To The Edge of Night’s Raven and Sky Whitney?

What Ever Happened To Sky and Raven from Edge of NightWhat Ever Happened To Sky and Raven from Edge of Night

The Edge of Night’s Raven and Sky were daytime’s answer to Nick and Nora Charles from The Thin Man series – though it was less love at first sight and more lust after the first fight.

Raven and Sky – The Early, Complicated Days

They were both on a mission. He wanted to prove that he was indeed the actual Schulyer Gordon Whitney, true heir to the Whitney family fortune and that the man who had arrived in Monticello, romanced and married Raven Alexander and then died by the hands of an assassin had been an imposter.

She, on the other hand, was desperate to hang on to all that lovely, lovely money that she had inherited as Sky’s widow. Neither one was prepared to cede, so it was left for a judge to decide.

With the help of attorney Mike Karr, Sky won his claim and regained control of his assets. Raven, now destitute, seethed with rage… and she vowed sweet, sweet revenge.

Her plan was simple: seduce and destroy — marry and divorce. Not only would Sky be humiliated at having been fleeced by a woman, but Raven would once again be surrounded by the luxury to which she had grown so accustomed.

But like all best-laid plans, Raven’s honey-trap hit a major snag. She actually began to feel… something for her mark. Sky, for his part, was absolutely beguiled by the schemer – though he saw right through her charade.

Third-Party Interference on Edge of Night
When Sky was framed for the treasonous acts committed by his usurper, Raven had to think fast. Sky’s imprisonment (and probable execution) would ruin everything and she wasn’t about to let that happen.

Hoping to prove that CEA agent Ian Devereaux was the actual criminal – and the keeper of the much sought-after “Phonebook” – Raven married him. Once the caper was concluded, and both Sky and Ian were cleared of suspicion, Raven learned that her wedding had not been legally binding thanks to the substitution of a fake minister for the genuine article.

Afterward, it was painfully obvious to all – even to the parties in question – that the hatred and distrust that had existed between Raven and Sky had dissipated… and been replaced by mutual affection.

The duo worked together to uncover the identity of Nora Fulton’s murderer and in the aftermath of a successful collar, Sky proposed marriage and Raven accepted.

The Wedding of Raven and Sky

Edge of Night – May 1983: During a lavish ceremony at the Whitney mansion, Sky and Raven were declared husband and wife. However, the proceedings were not without disruption. First, Sky’s best man was forced to abandon his post – and attend to import police business.

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Then it was discovered that he left with the ring and Raven was presented with one belonging to her aunt-in-law, Geraldine, which was about two sizes to large.

But the biggest blow came moments after the deeming. Sky realized that he was stone cold broke!

“What did you just say?!” Raven bellowed. “I can’t believe it! This can’t be true… all your beautiful millions?! This is impossible!” But at least they had each other.

Trials and Tribulations

Much to the surprise of everyone who knew her, Raven remained with Sky. And she even hocked her jewelry and furs in order to keep them afloat. In quick succession, the two became Private Investigators and attempted to use the new resources at their disposal to track down Spencer Varney – the duplicitous estate lawyer responsible for their predicament.

The trail quickly went cold, but the Whitneys gained a client – Mr. Earl, the nouveau rich gentlemen who had purchased the couple’s former estate. According to Mr. Earl, the mansion had become a hotbed of supernatural activity.

Raven and Sky sleuthed and uncovered the fiend responsible… but it wasn’t a ghost. No, it was Spencer Varney, who had taken to the refuge offered by the home’s secret passageways.

Though their wealth was restored, the Whitneys continued with their crime-busting endeavors – much to the consternation of the local authorities. Together Raven and Sky investigated the murder of Nicole Cavanaugh and the “1984” like infiltration of the Isis Building — and its owner, Louis Van Dine, who was mind-controlling Monticello’s most prominent residents through various means emanating from the building.

They weathered the return of Raven’s former husband, Logan Swift, and the addition of her young son, Jamie, into their family. And they also dealt with the destruction wrought by Raven’s false imprisonment and indictment for Logan’s murder as well as the machinations of the jealous Alicia Van Dine.

The Final Days of Raven and Sky on Edge of Night

Even a joyous occasion like the welcome home of their newborn daughter, Charlotte Alexander, was tempered by mystery – in this case, the “gifting” of a dueling saber –identical to the one Sky had used to kill Louis Van Dine’s henchman Donald Hext.

If there was one certainty about Raven and Sky it was this: No matter the obstacle – and there would be plenty more – they would face it together.

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