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What To Expect With Steve Burton and Billy Miller On General Hospital!

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Steve Burton is officially headed back to General Hospital (GH), though the promo ABC released was pretty stingy with the details of who, what, where, when, why and how?

This Town Ain’t Big Enough for the Two Of Us
The obvious role for Burton to assume would be Jason Morgan, one time nerdy medical student and Quartermaine heir turned Man In Black hitman, mob apologist, and surrogate father to all unwanted children of Port Charles.

(Jason and Sam had a child together long before Danny and Scout; they were planning to raise Lila, Sam’s baby with Sonny, before the baby died.)

But there’s a tiny problem. Jason — post car explosion and the ever popular plastic surgery — is currently being played by Emmy-winner Billy Miller.

He’s got Jason’s memories, so he’s Jason, right? (Everyone nodding their heads, quickly check out One Life to Live’s Todd and Victor, or Days Of Our Live’s Hope and Princess Gina.)

But let’s assume Miller remains Jason. Where does that leave Burton?

I’m a Hitman, Not an Actor
If Port Charles were located in the Star Trek universe, we might start looking for broken transporters. If this were Buffy the Vampire Slayer, we’d suspect a demon.

Heck, if this were even Port Charles the show rather than Port Charles the GH setting, the fantastic conceit of splitting a single man into two would be an option.


But on this incarnation of GH, we have to stick to the more or less realistic — Helena’s curse to the contrary.

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So… maybe Burton is someone who had plastic surgery to look like the old Jason in order to confuse his family, or Sam (Kelly Monaco), or Sonny (Maurice Benard)?

Double Dipping
Maybe a mob enemy — let’s blame the Russians, everyone else is for everything these days — created the lookalike to get Faux Jason close enough to Sonny to kill him?

Will this put Miller’s Jason in the position of protecting his friend, by destroying… himself? Could he pull the trigger on his own face? Would Sam stand for it? Would Sonny?

And what about Michael (Chad Duell)? That’s the face that took care of him when he was a funny-looking, red-headed baby; the one that dressed him in a pumpkin outfit for Halloween while Carly was off being crazy.

How will Michael respond?

Or will everyone just act like they don’t notice?

Stay tuned to find out!

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