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Visiting Day: Is It Weird Liz’s Parents Haven’t Visited Her Once On General Hospital?

Liz and Franco General HospitalLiz and Franco General Hospital

On General Hospital, first Sarah Webber came to live with her “gram” Audrey, then her baby sister Elizabeth dropped by for a visit…and stayed for 20 years. Sarah and Liz (Rebecca Herbst) are the daughters of Jeff, and his post-Heather (Robin Mattson) wife. We’ll call her Mrs. Jeff.

Jeff, as played by a pre-MacGyver Richard Dean Anderson, was a major presence in Port Charles during the early 1980s. So is it strange that he and Liz’s mother haven’t been back a single time to visit their daughter or their three grandsons? (Heck, Liz just married again and her brand-new half-sister showed, but still not her parents.) What over 9,000 fans had to say about the lapse:

This Does Not Compute
Jeff was a pretty family-oriented guy, 68% of you recall. He mourned the son Heather told him died, grew very attached to Diana’s adopted little guy, PJ, then was thrilled to find out that PJ was his own Steven Lars — and that Diana was now luckily dead, so Jeff could grab the tyke and take off.

For a fellow so obsessed with a child he never even knew, Jeff seems awfully indifferent to the daughter he presumably raised. Liz has been to hell and back — a rape, Lucky’s (Jonathan Jackson) “death,” Jake’s “death,” marriage to a (reformed) serial killer (go with it, she’s happy)…and yet no Mom and Dad jetting in to offer support during any of those trying times. That’s not the Jeff Webber we knew way back when.

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Bad To the Bone
It makes sense to a minority 31% of the audience. When Liz first showed up in Port Charles, she was a bad girl. She smoked! Obviously, Jeff and Mrs. Jeff couldn’t deal with their problem child and shipped her off to Gram for some tough love.

The three of them had a bad relationship when Liz was a teen, and it never improved. Jeff and Mrs. Jeff obviously feel Liz got everything she had coming to her. That’s not the Jeff Webber we knew way back when either.

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