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Is Valentin Really Valentin? That Is The Question…

Valentin on General HospitalValentin on General Hospital

It seems that Valentin is a man without a past on General Hospital–or at least his past is a flimsy one. Nobody can find any record of the man existing before 2011, although he now talks of a boyhood at a British boarding school.

Of course, the boyhood can be one big fabrication, or it can be a window into the truth about who Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) really is. Can he truly be yet another bastard Cassadine who even Helena feared? Or, is he someone else entirely–and not a Cassadine at all? Soap Hub asked if you take Valentin’s identity at face value or not.

Out of about 5,500 votes, 41% of you think he is who he says he is. You’re sick of impostor storylines and want to finally get to know the almost-mythical “Most Evil Cassadine of Them All.” Have the rumors been true all along or is there much more to this complicated man?

Valentin is a Cassadine, but he’s not Valentin, say 37% of you. Instead, you think he’s Stavros in disguise and Helena (Constance Towers) did get her heir after all–if it indeed turns out Charlotte is the result of Lulu’s (Emme Rylan) egg and Stavros’s sperm. (That story begins this week.) Perhaps Stavros is wearing a mask–or maybe he had plastic surgery to look completely different.

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The final 22% of you need a way to tie Anna (Finola Hughes) into all this and have decided that Valentin is really Faison, a master of disguise who once had people believing he was Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan).

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Faison was obsessed with Anna for many years and their past goes back to when Anna was a young woman. Valentin has that young Anna picture, and he keeps staring at it for a reason. If Valentin is Faison, does that mean one day Anders Hove returns and James Patrick Stuart is out?

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