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Typical Custody Battle or Travesty of Justice on General Hospital

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The good news for Lulu on General Hospital is that at least she has six months to forge a bond with her biological daughter, Charlotte, before the judge will reconsider her case.

The bad news? What the heck just happened in the Port Charles courtroom?! It certainly can’t be called justice because how else can you explain the House of Doom winning custody of a little girl over exemplary parents Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) and Lulu Falconari (Emme Rylan)? Okay, we get it; there was no way to prove that Valentin killed Nikolas back on Cassadine Island. But there are sure enough witnesses to prove he aimed a gun at Laura and instead shot Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) in the shoulder.

He can’t say he was defending his home, because it belonged to Nikolas (well, until Nik signed it over to him under duress but that’s another story) at the time.

There is no easy way to explain that little tidbit away. And even if one could, there’s more.

Second Piece of Evidence
Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) and his army of goons held a room full of people, including the two people who are seeking custody of his little girl (which he knew at the time was the biological mother of his child) – against their will at gunpoint.

Surely, that has to be a crime or at least could color the court against the biological father. Does he really create a safe environment for the child?

Third Piece of Evidence
The list could probably go on and on, but one huge thing to consider is that Valentin’s wife, Nina (Michelle Stafford), is a giant hot mess and bats@*t crazy when it comes to kids.

Where was Ava to testify about Nina kidnapping her baby after she gave birth – and naming her after the Bionic Woman? Seriously? Nina’s obsession with kids wasn’t even brought up? Did anyone even evaluate her?

Yes, it’s a soap opera and obviously this is the story General Hospital wants to tell, but surely there was a way to do so and not make Diane (Carolyn Hennessy) look like an incompetent lawyer. Guess we’ll just have to look forward to her redeeming herself at the next hearing in six months.

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